Our Best Salsa Recipe

Greene-Go's Best Salsa Recipe

We have officially created the best salsa recipe in Arizona. In the future we will add information about our brother and sister team and how our recipes became award winning salsa. If you haven’t figured it out yet, our last name is “Greene”, hence “Greene-Go’s Salsa”.

The 2014 “My Nana’s Salsa Challenge” was our fouth year to enter the contest. This is the first year that we have finished 1st in this event. We have had a couple of 2nd place finishes at Nana’s and we have won other smaller, local contests, but nothing ever this big.

Accepting Best Salsa Recipe

We we very excited to win 1st place with Sommer’s Mild Salsa and when they announced 1st place for Jason’s Hot Salsa we were overjoyed. But when they announced the Hot Salsa was the Grand Champion of the event we just couldn’t believe it! Our hearts were pounding as we raced up to the stage to hold the trophy. It was truly one of the greatest and most unexpected “salsa” experiences in our lives. A big thank you to everyone that supported us.

Greene-Go's Salsa 1st Place for Best Salsa Recipe

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